Sunday, 24 June 2018

Have you seen our changeable role play?

It changes regularly according to interests. Here are a few things that have evolved:

The Hairdressers

The Safari Car

There aren't any hotels when you are on Safari you have to camp.

The Puppet Theatre

When the parents come to play

Will does really cool workshops with technology and sound. We explored different sounds that we could make and strung them together to make a piece of music. We even made up our own raps.

Yes, that is Special Constable Hutchinson coming down the slide.

We all got to sit in the police car.

We explored the kit that the police have to wear, even riot gear.

Afterwards he read us a story about what to do if we get lost in a supermarket and talked to us a little more about the important role of a police officer. 

Pre-school jobs

Well with the nice weather we have taken the opportunity to do a few jobs around pre-school. First on our list was a bike, car and don't forget the bus wash.


During Spring term we have been accessing Yoga. We had so much fun learning different Yoga moves one of our favourites was 'angry cat'. What a perfect way to end a Tuesday!

We are back.....with games and activities we enjoy doing together

Wow, we have had a super busy 3 months but we are back with a few posts to show you what we have been up to.

A member of staff made us this super cool busy wall including a door bell, magnet board and switches to name a few.
We really enjoy shouting BINGO when we have found the animal on our boards that match the sound we can hear. 
Our absolute favourite is the Shopping game. We can play this three times in a row.
Hey, no peaking!
Puzzles...where do we start? endless problem solving possibilities.
Some of us are really interested in time and when things. We really enjoy working out where the numbers go. Our friend remembered that we had a clock in the kitchen so went to get that to have a look.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

When role-play turns into a role-play marathon

We had an afternoon of making a campsite. We thought about everything we might need like:
-Teddy bears
-Cooking equipment

A peer started peeling an onion that we brought on our camp trip and it was really smelly and his eyes started to water. "You need googles" said someone and a friend got to work making some with the help of an adult to hold still the pots. 

The books we were exploring turned into a campsite. Can you spot our campfire? The fire engines were called at one point as it got too big.

Where do these animals live?

Someone gave us a bag of animals. We had to sort them into places that they lived either in a hot or cold climate.
We asked lots of different questions:
 "is that a leopard?" Someone said "it's a cheetah" so we investigated the difference between them on the Internet.
"What do polar bears eat?"

We had to add the sea underneath as there wasn't a sea to begin with and came across a problem when we pulled out a shark from the bag.