Thursday, 29 June 2017

Making elderflower cordial

On our Forest School site we have lot's of elderflower on our elder trees. We went to pick some to make some elderflower cordial.
We cut the fruit, measured the sugar added some water and got stirring.

 We waited for two days before we strained it into a bottle. We tried a little in our was DELICIOUS! 

A visit to Benjamin Court

We were invited by Benjamin Court the elderly people home to visit for an afternoon of music making and cake. We were super excited to share some of our favourite songs and baked cakes for the visit as well.

We took turns.

Measured out the ingredients.

Organised the cake cases.

We carefully cracked the eggs "it's alright I have done this at home with mummy"

Mixed it all together.

Then put it in the cake cases.

We had such a fabulous time we will definetley be going back soon for another visit.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Forest school

A really small group of us went out to Forest School today as the older children were exploring 'big school'
We started by sitting down doing our forest school names.
Walking over to the logs and the woods.

Helping Teresa tree put the hammock up.
Taking a rest in the finished hammock.

"Watch me swing from this tree"

"Looking for the big bad wolf who lives in the woods"