Friday, 14 October 2016

Space week

We have been very busy at this week at preschool, making lots of cards for some of our leavers, we are popping to the postbox to post them. 

We have been spending lots of time in our space station with Zebedi the alien teddy bear. We made moon biscuits out of crackers, bananas, Cheerios and raisins and they were absolutely delicious. On our art table we have made many different types of aliens, including hand print aliens, shape aliens and drawn our very own. 

During our PE lessons we have been doing some throwing and catching. As we threw the ball we shouted the name of the person we threw it to, this helped with remembering our friends names and our response skills.

The rain didn't stop us at Forest School we still put on our mud suits and braved the weather. We had so much fun and made our very own mud slide and found out the muddier we got the slipper the slide became. After some fun on the slide and exploring we headed back to our tent and had some lovely warm hot chocolate.

After forest school we went to the library bus to get lots of new books out including some space ones for our space station back at preschool.